Cash for copper

Cash for copper
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We pay cash for:

  • Car Scrap

  • Demolition Scrap

  • Metal Offcuts

  • Manufacturing Scrap

  • Electrical Wire

  • On-the-spot cash

We pay cash for:

  • Aluminium

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Lead (battery)

  • Steel

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Cash for copper, – we collect and pay for all types of scrap copper:

We are fast growing and 100% Australian-owned scrap dealers. We specialise in recycling scrap copper, copper coils, copper radiators, batteries and all kinds of unalloyed/alloyed copper.

  • Copper scrap from copper smelting
  • Copper scrap from mechanical processing
  • Old copper scrap from machinery equipment and instruments
  • Cаѕh For copper

What is copper?

Copper, “the red metal,” is one of the most electrically conductive of all the metal elements.
While its electrical properties, in combination with its ductility and malleability, have helped copper to become an integral component of the world’s telecommunications. It has an aesthetically pleasing red colour (that easily oxidized to a gritty green patina) that also makes the metal a favourite material of artists and architects.

We Collect All Types Of Scrap Copper:

We are a very proud scrap dealer. We specialise in metal recycling; scrap copper, copper coils, copper radiators, batteries and all kinds of unalloyed/alloyed copper.

Cash for copper. Are you dealing with copper in your job?

You may be working with wires and copper metals at your work in your daily job; such as what an electrician will do. You might have spare wire and copper metals  left over from a job. If you can collect this copper, you can make extra income by selling it to us. You can contact us at any time, we can do the pickup and leaving you at ease. We pay you cash for copper.

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Why All Cash For Car pay cash for copper

As a business, we have been providing metal recycling services for many years, including cash for copper.

We pay cash for copper & cars in Brisbane and now we are here in Melbourne. We work tirelessly to ensure we are provide the best customer service to you. What makes us different to others players in the market and industry is that we go to our customer and collect their scrap copper or scrap cars, and in most cases, we pay cash right on the spot.

Cash for copper scrap