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Car Wrecking
Cash for your wrecked car. Click here to call.

We pay cash for:

  • Vans

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  • Trucks

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Wreck your car and dispose of it safely with All Cash For Car.

We can get it done in a very safe and professional manner. We have the most experienced and professional team for car wrecking services Melbourne.

If you want to get rid of scrap or a junk car for wrecking, we’ll come to you and give you cash for your wrecked car and will not charge you for pick up and removal.

Our auto wrecking Melbourne service enables you to sell your unwanted and write-off vehicles for wrecking and dismantling from any location.

Just give us a call now on 0412293176 and get your cash for an old car without being worried about car removal charges.

We do all the work. Guess what? It’s highly possible that we can complete this process in just a few hours after you give us a call.

Get cash for your wrecked car. Click here to call.
Melbourne car wreckers

Documentation for ownership transfer

Our team members will come to you with all the correct paperwork that’s needed and all you have to do is is give us your basic details and sign off as long as the car is yours or you are authorised to sell it on behalf of someone else.

The law states that::

  1. If you claim to be the owner of the vehicle, you should confirm that vehicle is free of any debt, charge, mortgage or any other encumbrance.
  2. Proof of ownership of the vehicle is required. (or written consent from the owner).
  3. Photo ID ( valid drivers license or Passport) is required for verification and documentation purposes.
  4. Bank details, BSB, and ACC number should be supplied in order to make the payment, as the law now disallows hard cash payments (Effective May 30th, 2018 Victoria Government – all transactions are made electronically)

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Regardless of registered or unregistered vehicles, the process is that easy.

Melbourne car wreckers
  • Cash for your wrecked car!

  • Totally free towing

  • Collect, remove & dispose

  • Same day service

  • Environmentally Conscious

  • On-the-spot cash

  • Any make or model

  • Satisfaction guaranteed